33 Months Old

I wish I could freeze frame this age, and have Leah stay here forever.  This, by far, is the best age yet, and I love it so much. 

She talks all the time--can tell us what she wants and what she thinks.  But, she still says words funny; so listening to her non-stop chatter is adorable, because who doesn't think that "Despica-Me", "popcorns", and "Tan I have a tootie?"  are hilarious?

She's super dramatic, and everything that happens is such a big deal.  She throws her hands up in the air or throws her palms to her cheeks with an open mouth when something as harrowing as the cat running by her occurs. 

She cares.  Has a heart of gold.  Tells us we are special.  Hopes that my feet aren't chilly-willy.  Asks me if I'm okay if I bump my knee.

She has interests.  Loves to draw with markers.  Enjoys doing chores, like loading and emptying the dryer and dishwasher.  She's into movies--wants to put the disc in the DVD player herself; wants to press play.  Lives to turn on the vacuum for me.

She's got an awesome memory.  She'll remember her friend Ashlyn's glittery shoes, and why her friend Jackson wasn't at daycare that day.  She can tell you an entire story that occurred while you were at work, complete with dialogue that was spoken.

The tantrums are pretty much non-existent.  She adapts to change better than anyone I know.   Will choose "little bit of chub" over "skinny minnie" when you ask her what she wants to be.  Isn't jealous when Greg and I hold another baby.  Loves to spend time with me on the weekends.  Asks me every night if I have to go to work the next day and loves my answer on Friday nights best. 

Her memory is phenomenal.  Knows when it's Wednesday and she spends the day with my sister.  She loves babies and wants to hold them, kiss them, feed them, cover them, pacify them. 

She's perfect, and this is the perfect age.  We are having so much fun.


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