Dirty Bit

Two nights ago, Leah colored* in the lines.**  It wasn't the first time she ever did that; she had colored in the lines a few months ago at Uncle Michael and Aunt Cheryl's house, but that appeared to be a fluke.  Two nights ago, she surely and truly colored in the lines.  I was so excited for her, as was she, that we took a picture of the coloring and sent it to very close family members.  People who would understand just how important and happy we were that she had colored in the lines.

My sister was not very happy with the picture she received of Leah's coloring in the lines...she thought it was inappropriate.  Perhaps that's because it took her a long time to learn to color in the lines and she's jealous of Leah.  Maybe she doesn't even color in the lines yet.  Who knows.

Last night, Leah decided she wanted to color again, and, sure enough, she did it in the lines!  This coloring was way more impressive than the first, and we were both surprised by how large a coloring she had been able to do in the lines.  I explained that when one colors, you never know what it's going to look like until it's complete.

Leah's grandmother wants to give her a dollar for every time she colors in the lines, but if Leah turns into someone who colors in the lines as often as her father, her grandmother is going to be a poor lady very soon.

As you know, we've been waiting for Leah to color in the lines for a while now and feel that these two occurrences are positive stepping stones to a life filled with in-line colorings.  We explained to Leah that Mommy colors in the lines; Daddy colors in the lines; many of her friends color in the lines.

I'm really proud of her for taking the initiative to attempt coloring in the lines and hope that this continues. 

Good job, Leah!

* poop

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Anonymous said...

coloring the line???!!!!!!!why not just saing < poopy and potty >