Abbe's Ritual

My Aunt Abbe has started a new ritual with Leah. Every few weeks she sends Leah a small gift, with a note inside. Leah loves seeing the boxes waiting at our door, and gets excited to open them up and look inside. I love the notes. They are so sweet and say cute little things that I read to Leah.

This was taken after she opened some adorable little hair ties from Aunt Abbe.

And this one was after she opened a new sippy cup with a cool straw. Of course, she had to use it immediately.

This is a sweet ritual that my Aunt’s started, and I can’t help but think it’s due mostly to the fact that my mom is not here to do this for Leah. My Aunt wants to keep a presence in Leah’s life—for her to know what it’s like to have so many relatives who love and care about her.

I’m saving the letters that come with the gifts and starting a scrapbook for Leah. I think she’ll get a kick out of reading them when she’s older.

Thanks, Aunt Abbe. We love you.


Alicia said...

Your Aunt Abbe rocks!

(I've been reading your blog ever since she directed me over here a few months ago.)

StaceFavoch said...

Wait. Wait. I don't get care packages! As ifff.


Deenuts Dana said...


Every time I read your comment, I laugh hysterically.

Abbe said...

Alicia ~~

Thanks so much and you are so right ;)

Stace ~~ Didn't I just send you a copy of an insurance card or that doesn't count???? I'm sure Dana has some left over salami from her college days to pass along ;)

Before you get all jelousified - I've been putting together a package for your new addition - and maybe a few things for you too!x0x0x0 <3

Sometimes we have to think out of the box. Even though Leah and I are in the same state, we are still 90 minutes plus apart. Between their family schedule and my schedule it's hard to coordinate a lump of designated time....and if we were to get that time in, unfortunately it might be another 6 months or year before we do it again.....and I would have a 50/50 chance that Leah would be in a mood to meet an aunt that she met a year previous.

So I decided to try and take it out of the box and send her little things here and there that strike my fancy, our special something....getting things in the mail that aren't bills is fun and maybe this would work to be a continual connection until our schedules can get in sync or Leah drives, whichever comes first.

I'm having fun with it and hope Leah is too.


StaceFavoch said...

I'm pretty sure Leah got a sippy cup and not a health insurance card!

But I guess you're right...if you actually got to see L and D, I'd be realllllly jealous.