He's So Little!

This past Sunday night I was lying in bed flipping through channels trying to find something good on TV to fall asleep to.  I know that sounds funny, but I get that from my dad.  When it's time to fall asleep we put something boring on the TV, rather than what a normal person would do, which is turn it off.  No, we need to be lulled into slumber by uninteresting entertainment.  Works like a charm, too.  My sister can't even stay awake past opening credits. 

So, I was flipping through and there on the TV, late in the evening, on a randon Sunday night, was RUDY.


I cannot ever allow Rudy on the TV without watching it until the end.  No matter the time or situation.  That's just the way it is with Rudy.  Because of this fact, I have seen the last scene of Rudy approximately 869 times. 

Other movies that fall into this category are The Cutting Edge, Dirty Dancing, and 50 First Dates.

College friends reading this will wonder why I didn't list Sing, and the reason is because Sing will never be on TV.  I am quire sure that I am the only one who thinks Sing should have won an Academy Award.  The club scene? Come on!  Pure cinematic genius!

Anyway, I caught Rudy as the teammates were each surrendering their Jerseys to the coach in order for Rudy to dress for his final game.  By the time he was on the phone begging his brother to come to the game my face was soaked in tears.  Do not even get me started on when Rduy realizes they are chanting his name or when the coach tells him to go on the field to play.  And I was on tissue #8 by the time he made his famous tackle, and then they carried him off the field. 

I don't even like football.  Like at all.  But this movie is one of my faves.  I am not made of stone!

That little Rudy!  Gets me every time!


Anonymous said...


Rudy is my all time favorite movie too!!

Whenever I catch it I watch till the end.

Back in the day Uncle Ray would be watching tv, I'd be sound asleep in bed, and he would wake me up and I'd GET UP and watch it - that's how much I love it.

Talk about inspiration.

The kids got me the DVD several years ago.

I guess this means were're REALLY related, huh??


StaceFavoch said...

Who's the wild man now?