Progress: Running and Life Update

So, I'm still trying to settle into life with my new job.  Greg's got new work hours as well, so we are trying to figure out a new schedule with regards to daycare, classes, work, activities, car vs. truck usage, and running, of course.  Ah, running.

When it comes to sacrificing something due to lack of time in the day, it's always running that loses.  It shouldn't be that way, but it is.  As much as I'd like to make running a top priority in my life, often times it doesn't stack up to the other things.  Things such as Leah, Greg, sleep, work..I could go on. 

Last night I ran after a week and a half break.  The weather was cooler than it's ever been since I started training and the run went well.  Although you wouldn't have thought that if you heard me breathing as I arrived home afterwards.  I ran an entire mile without stopping, which was a personal record.  The second mile wasn't as easy but I got it done.  It's getting close to the Turkey Trot so I've got to keep up with this if I ever want to make my goal.

Although, spending time with this little girl is a goal too.  And I try to beat my personal record all the time.


Anonymous said...

go dana! go dana! running is such a mental sport ... just put one foot in front of the other and keep going!!!

jackie said...

this is jackie barth, by the way.... i'm too lazy to figure out if i have a google acct...