Dearest Leah

Yesterday, our first day spent together, and things were really crazy.
I expected my time off in between jobs to be extremely lazy.

However, you seemed to forget that naps are given,
and that if you do not take them, you will not be livin'.

Throwing your blanket in a pile does not a bed make,
And Jesus Louise, the Little People carnival gives me a royal headache.

You sure do eat a surplus of snacks and watch a lot of Backyardigans,
And I am reminded that you spend too much time with your dad every time you fart again.

However, today was glorious, like a different little kid,
Except when you disappeared under the rack at Sears and hid.

And I guess during this time off I could be using a cloth and mop,
But we are having so much fun going from shop to shop.

You still scream at me when I don't get Bubble Guppies on fast enough,
But compared to yesterday, today was definitely not rough.

We have our disagreements, like any other pair,
And I will not budge, in the shower you MUST wash your hair.

So, let's see how the next two weeks go, my little feisty adorable hemorrhoid,
But if you throw your shoe at my head while I'm driving again, all bets are null and void.

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