Coming Home

You know when you're with someone that you don't know well, and you make some obscure movie reference and quote a line, and the person you're with then says the next line, and you look at them and realize at that exact moment that you're going to be good friends?

You know when you are parking the car and you accidentally hit the bottom of it on that cement piece at the top of the parking space and there's totally damage and you drive home freaking the hell out because you know your husband is going to be so pissed but then you get home, tell him, and he's like, you didn't cause that damage, I did, when I hit the cement piece on a parking space last week and you are just so relieved?

You know when life has been so tough and you have nightmares about having to go to work each day in what can only be described as a fiery, torturous hell, and the place makes you doubt yourself and your career and every single decision you've ever made and you are scared to look behind corners because of those people, and you try so hard to get out and finally, after 6 months you do, and your new job is so completely opposite of that and the people are nice and the work is fun and you have a new faith in what you do and how you do it and, while at your old job, the only personal item you kept at your desk was a lip gloss that you brought home each and every night but at your new job, on only day 3, you run to Walmart on your lunch break to buy a plant for your window because you want everyone to know you want to be there for a long, long time?

I know I owe you an update on our cruise, but I wanted to tell you all about this first.  It's so much more important to me.


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Jennifer said...

You didn't tell me anything, you just asked me questions. :o)