Running On Empty

By Thursday, I'm pretty much running on fumes.  I'm exhausted, no matter how much sleep I get.  I am rushing to get everything done at work before the weekend.  (Seriously, "end of week reports" are lame and whoever thought it would make sense to make people complete them is stupid.)  I am looking forward to the weekend, but not always looking forward to the many outings and events I have planned.  I am losing my last nerve with my daughter, yes--sweet, innocent Leah, since at this point, I haven't seen Greg since Monday, due our ridic work schedules. So, suffice to say, by Thursday I'm not my usual cheery, fresh faced self and could probably use a glass of wine.  And a facial.  And some botox.  Perhaps a Xanax.

But, I'll tell you who never gets tired.  Who is never on top of her game.  Who is always go go go, and knows that slowing down is for the weak and believes that she'll rest when she's dead!  The world is her oyster and her city never sleeps, because PLAY WITH ME, PLAY WITH ME, LET'S GO OUTSIDE, I NEED LEGOS, HERE YOU PUT THESE POTATO HEAD GLASSES ON, I NEED A SNACK, I NEED JUICE, WHY ARE YOU SITTING, GET UP, GET GOING, GET TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) Hope the title of this entry didn't make you think that I was running again.  I will be, but just not yet.
2) Sorry for all the black and white photos of late; Greg got a new phone and he's attempting to be artistic with his photography.


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