Sibling Revelry

I received a comment on my last post asking why I don't talk about my siblings.  Well, in case it wasn't evidently clear, I'm not exactly what one would call selfless.  Make no mistakes, I like to talk, and I like to talk about me, and clearly about my daughter, as well.  But she's two, and when she is old enough to google her name I can very easily hit delete and make like this blog never existed.  However, my brother and sister can read.  And know about this blog.  And I would venture to think that they enjoy their privacy--neither one even has a facebook account--so it's not really my place to plaster their goings-on all over the Internet.  That being said...

Is this picture not heinous?!  It's from the early 2000s, I'd say.  Adriana looks so young (and pale, no?), Marco is channeling Paulie D., and I have once again hit the trifecta of jackpot gold with the horrendous hair color, ridiculous eye shadow, and Wet n Wild Lip Liner in 666:Brandywine. 

But seriously.  They are doing fine.  We all are.  Marco's got his wife and kids, and Adriana's in the process of buying a condo.  See?  Boring.  Not nearly as interesting as ME!!  Who's got some big things on the horizon.  But I cannot discuss at this time.  You'll will have to wait.  Until then...


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