A few months ago it dawned on me that while I spent a lot of time talking about potty training, I didn't spend a lot of time actually potty training.  In fact, I really wasn't sure what was involved in potty training, other than some time, some underpants, and me asking Leah every few minutes if she had to go. 

Problem was, I just never had the time that I thought was necessary for training. The weekends were always chock full of plans and outings and parties, and there was nothing more terrifying to me than the thought that I would have to put Leah on 6 different public toilets in the course of a day and pray for her to pee.

So, as in most things parent-related, I lamented and complained about the potty training, or lack thereof, and soaked in the comments that people gave me telling me that it would happen when it happened and I was doing everything right.  There is nothing like a lot of people telling me I'm doing everything right.  Even when I know that I am probably not really doing everything right.

The turning point was when I checked facebook, which I've replaced reading and/or watching any current events publications and/or media with (Egypt what?), and I saw that several people were talking about September pre-school registration.  NOW.  I, of course, am no where near registering Leah for school in September.  I haven't even researched, called, visited, learned the name of one single school for her.  SEPTEMBER?  Really?  NOW?  Gosh, you guys are so on the ball.  It's February!  School?  Hmph.

Anyway, what I did remember is that you can send your child to a cheaper more curriculum-based school if he/she is potty trained, and, I'm nothing if I'm not cheap an advocate for the enrichment of my child's academic opportunities, and this whole 40 paragraphs of intro is basically to say, fortheloveofgod, Dana, get to the point: Leah needed to potty train.  Now. 


So, this past weekend seemed like the best time to do it.  We didn't have to leave the house until late afternoon on Sunday, so, on Saturday morning, I put some underwear and a t shirt on Leah and proceeded to ask her every 5 minutes if she had to pee.

She had one accident on day one, early in the morning.  And that's it.  No accidents.  Dry diapers during nap and in the morning.  An incredibly LARGE number two at around 7 p.m. each night.  HUGE: like she's channeling the butt of a 300 lb. man.  

If I appear to be going fast at this part it's just because I don't want to talk too much about it, for fear that I'll jinx it. 

But, here we are at the end of day 4, and she's still doing really well.  I might even venture to say that she's totally trained.  Right? 

So, I guess that's...over?  Just like that?  I don't really know what I'm going to complain and beat myself up about now, but I am happy that it's not this.


Jo said...

Oh my God, you crack my ass up. And I love the photo. Someday, it will embarrass the hell out of her. :-)

StaceFavoch said...

She's going to KILL you for that picture when she's ages 14-18.

Make sure to show it to all future boyfriends. :)