Leah's been in school full time for several weeks now, and, although I am totally jinxing it by discussing it here, her transition has been seamless and this has been a huge weight off my shoulders.

We were all very surprised when Greg decided that he wanted a new career and then was offered a job after his first interview.  (If you remember, some of us had to interview 13 times in an industry we've been in for 7 years before being offered a new job.)  Because of that, we were forced to put her in full time school mid-year, or rather, at the end of the school year in May.  The school we selected offered open enrollment which allowed us to sign her up on a Friday for her to begin school the following Monday. 

I was told several times by the head mistress that while she might enjoy school in the beginning, the fad would fade and she would eventually give us problems when it came time to drop her off.

I also lost a few nights' worth of sleep thinking about how all of the kids were going to know the routines, the songs, their letters, numbers, days of the week in Japanese, whatever, and she would be lost and embarrassed.  Just thinking about it brought a tear to my eye. 

You know where this is going, right?  Nothing.  Nada.  No issues, no problems, no hesitations, nothing.  She sings the songs, announces the date, pledges the allegiance, and knows that butterflies come from caterpillars.  She's just so damn awesome.

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